Sasha Nevah




Sasha Nevah is a daughter of the Red Mantis, yet while she shows great promise—she’s a natural fighter, takes pride in her grace, and delights in violence— she’ll never make it as an assassin because of her insatiable curiosity and rebellious streak. Had her mother not been a highly regarded member of the Red Mantis, Sasha would have doubtless met with a tragic accident years ago. Sasha has little interest in joining the Mantis, as she rankles at even the thought of following orders. Impulsive and reckless, she’s caused plenty of awkward problems for her mother— and while being sent to Sargava to assist with Mantis interests in Eleder is not technically exile, her mother has certainly made it clear that if she returns to Ilizmagorti, she’ll never leave it again. Sasha understood what her mother meant (especially after she severed one of Sasha’s fingers to drive home the warning), but rather than dwell on the fact that her mother threatened her life, she sees this as a great opportunity for adventure.

Sasha Nevah

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